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6月01日 週四



06/01 (Thu) 全球百大DJ x 告示牌年度新人ACRAZE @acraze

06/01 (Thu) 全球百大DJ x 告示牌年度新人ACRAZE @acraze


6月01日 下午10:30 – 6月02日 上午4:00



🚀 重磅登場 @ai.nightclub ! 準備迎接音樂界現今最火當紅炸子雞! 🔥全球百大DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 🔥美國公告牌【2022年度最佳舞曲/電子樂新人榜單】 🔥全球超過120億流量超級白金單曲Do It To It製作人 🔥音樂界最炙手可熱的明星DJ之一 來自美國🇺🇸的DJ兼製作人ACRAZE 擁有充滿能量⚡、節奏明快的音樂風格🎵,加上自己的創意和改編,使他的音樂極具獨特且具有強烈的辨識度!深深吸引全球樂迷追崇🔫! 其中《Do It To It》全球累積了超過 120 億次的播放量,成為各路大神收藏的必備曲目,教父Tiesto 也推出Remix !! 06月01日 週四 準備好迎接 AcRAZE ⚡ !! Let's Do It🦖 !! Get ready to be blown away on the dance floor with Acraze on Jun 1st at Ai Nightclub! Showing to be a true visionary, Acraze conquered the bold transition from his speaker-rattling base sound to a more sophisticated house approach. At just 26-years old, demonstrated remarkable growth in a short period of time. The now viral-mash “Do It Do It” released in 2021, the single has racked up over 12 billion global streams and has become a staple in any DJ’s collection. ACRAZE represents what it truly means to dominate the scene. RSVP: 請私訊!!! 🔸 Ai官方LINE會員獨享優惠 免費享用無限暢飲Bar 🔸 // Ai Official LINE members only // 🚺 女生整晚免費享用無限暢飲Bar 🚹 男生12:00前 免費 &12:00後 $600 🔸 Ai Official LINE members only 🔸 Girls Free Entry all night with open bar Guys Free Entry before 12:00 / $600 After 12:00 with open bar (使用會員優惠請於入場時主動出示會員頁面 Pleas show your LINE account homepage to staff when you entry the club) 🔸 入場方式 Admission 男生Male $600 , Female 女生$400 附贈暢飲酒券 with Open Bar


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